Easily setup and manage your online election

You no longer need to worry about the hassle of setting up your own online election.


Simple, Secure and Scalable system of voting

  • Simple

    We provide a simple and easy to use interface, to setup and manage your own e-ballots. Which gives maximum simplicity to voters and admins.

  • Secure

    MySVote is a safe and reliable way to vote. We use a secure and unique system to ensure that your vote is 100% secure.

  • Scalable

    Our team of highly skilled developers and designers are always ready to provide you with the best custom solution for your electoral needs.


E-voting just got easier

Online voting just became simpler, easily setup your first election with these steps

Create a Ballot

To setup an election on MySVote all you need is a free account. Once you create an account, you can create a ballot and add candidates to it. The option to customize your ballot is also available.

Add Choices

Once you have a ballot created, you can add candidates to it. You can add as many candidates as you want. All you need is a name, a picture (optional) and a description.


When the set start peroid has been met the election will be launched automatically. Remeber to share the poll link or ID with your friends so they can vote for thier favorite candidates.

View Results

As the poll creator you have access to see vote results and monitor the leading candidates. This information can also be download as a CSV/Excel file.

Who is MySVote for?


MySVote makes it very easy for any individuals to; organize simple polls to help in making decisions faster or choosing a winner in any occasion.


In an organization MySVote can be used to elect leader for a particular project or get the general sentiment of workers on a particular topic. It can also be used for organizational award ceremonies.


MySVote can be used as the voting platform of choice, in any event, to select an individual or group for awards or special recognition. It provides a simple way to organize a free and fair ballot.

Ready to get started?

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